About us

Purchasing flowers.

We purchase our flowers at the Aalsmeer flower auction, as this is where we have access to the largest supply of flowers which, in turn, allows us to provide our customers with the biggest possible variety and supply.  We also purchase our flowers direct from the growers, so we know the products are unquestionably fresh and of top quality.  Our flowers are always purchased on a Monday and arrive with our first customer in Denmark within 12 hours.  This allows us to always guarantee absolute freshness.
Purchasing plants.
Our plants are purchased direct from the growers, ensuring we can offer our customers a constant quality and price.  The vast amount of growers we work with means we are always able to offer a wide variety and assortment of indoor and outdoor plants.


Our trucks have been specifically built and designed for transporting flowers and plants.  We use the very latest refrigeration and isolation techniques in order to maintain the quality of the products during transit to the customer.


We employ people who have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge where flowers and plants are concerned.  These people are committed to providing customers with decent advice and familiarising them with the latest products.